What is it?

SAFE MELT – the original agricultural by product de-icer, is a 50/50 blend of liquid calcium chloride and Brewers Condensed Solubles (BCS) or other agricultural byproducts, offering the best and most economical combination of corrosion inhibition, stockpile retention, residual effect and ice-melting capacity currently available. BCS is a patented, quality controlled byproduct of the domestic brewing industry, and is used by the animal feed industry as a feed additive.




  • Stockpile treating agent – will hold indefinitely in stockpile unlike straight MgCl2 or CaCl2
  • Onboard pre-wetting agent – use existing equipment w/minor modifications
  • Liquid anti-icing agent – applied directly to roadway with spraybar

Powerful Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Substantially reduces, even stops corrosion damage to ferrous metals.

33%-50% Reduction in Salt & Sand Use

Safe Melt treated salt outperforms dry salt & salt treated with MgCl2 or CaCl2 brines



Effective to -5° F Pavement Temperature

  • Biodegradable, low toxicity, safe to handle
  • Greater than 50% reduction in chloride ions introduces into the natural and built environment
  • Signifigantly less corrosive than MgCl2 or CaCl2 brines
  • Cost Competitive with MgCl2 or CaCl2 brines
  • Turns salt brown so you can start cutting back on sand!!!

Safemelt 40-60 MSDS Sheet